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Stan the Man Fitness Academy
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Our Facility

  • Our Dojo area is equiped with:

    • Over 25 stations to train on
    • A full size custom made ring
    • Separate cardio area with brand new weight machines and pro style free weights
    • Brand new Modern change rooms
    • Café’ area and chill out zone with T.V’s

Our Classes

  • Our Classes Include:

    • Daily kickboxing classes for novice, intermediate and advanced practitioners.
    • “Next step” Professional fighter guidance, training and advice.
    • A strong emphasis on kids classes (developing their dream seed and anti-bullying programmes)
    • Circuit classes
    • Woman’s only classes
    • Specifically designed classes for corporate business’s, sporting clubs and schools.

    See our Timetable for details and schedules of our classes


  • Our Memberships Available:

    • Premium Memberships – which includes full access plus all classes
    • Facility Memberships – which includes access to all areas but no classes
    • Kids memberships 5yo to 13yo
    • Schools, Sporting clubs and Corporate company packages are also available.

    To get a quote on all membership types, simply email us at
    with your details or come and visit us at the Academy for a personalised tour.

STM Academy Ediquette

  • Stan The Man Fitness Academy Etiquette

  • Quality Structure: Ensuring sessions/lessons build on one another.

    Conveying Wisdom and Knowledge: Displaying good communication skills amongst and between Academy trainers and the members.

    Instructor Duty of Care: Individualised attention given to students and one on one private time for relationship growth.

    Ethics: Encouraging good behaviour at school, in the student home, sporting club or work environment and in their community.

    Values: Encouraging positive attitudes in the students or individuals.

    Principles: Encouraging a righteous approach in the student’s daily conduct.

    Humbleness: Teaching the members to be in a constant state of learning and wanting to know more. Teaching the individual about sincerity, compassion, loyalty and honesty.
    Wisdom and knowledge will be provided to students which has been acquired over many years through real life experiences and accomplishments so that the students may learn, grow and develop into being the best they can be and to be encouraged to pursue their dreams with passion.

What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

  • What sets us aprart is:

    • Combined World Champions 9 times over.
    • Combined 70 years martial arts experience.
    • Sport Australia Hall of Fame Inductee.
    • Selected mentor for the Sports Hall of Fame organisation to mentor young Australians and World sporting champions.
    • Both K1 Dome Japan Super Fight winners with a live audience of 50,000+ fans.
    • First Australian to win a World Kickboxing title. (April 1990)
    • First Westerner to win a World Muay Thai Title in Thailand which was awarded by the King of Thailand. (March 1996)
    • Experienced keynote speaker and mentor.
    • Topics of leadership, character, mind-set, motivation, values and principles.
    • Expert customised curriculums, talks and leadership workshops for schools, sporting clubs and corporate companies. All developed in house, accommodating specific needs.

Topics Covered

  • Tpoics We Cover Include:

    • Physical exercise awareness and benefits
    • Mind-set development
    • Leadership skills
    • Anti-bullying coaching and mentoring
    • Self-development strategies and mentoring
    • Inner growth and what it means
    • Team building and camaraderie
    • Character and confidence.

Additional ventures, projects and opportunities.

  • Additional ventures, projects and opportunities include:

  • A specially designed workshop to assist in restoring troubled youth.
    Special school sports day events.

    “Super Heroes” to re enforce messages to kids: Our very own Kickboxing Koala mascot and Batman appearing throughout the agenda on and off as a fun and engaging way to promote confidence, anti-bullying, good behaviour alongside Team Longinidis.

    Memorabilia can also be provided at school fates, functions, charities and or fund raises to assist in overall outcome success.

    Presentations and award nights

    Business industry functions

    Corporate seminars and conferences

    Schools, primary, secondary or higher.